The Recovery Course

Brighton Recovery College



It has been suggested that I blog about my experiences on coping with Bi Polar disorder at Brighton Recovery College.

This is part of a series of courses designed to aid mental health recovery. I have for a long time hoped that there would be a course designed to help with a problem I’ve had for many years.

There is still a stigma attached to mental illness. However, Brighton must lead the way in the   facility of mental health care and are leaders in the field.

I went to consolidate my course and filled out some forms related to my condition.

I mentioned a Mindfulness programme and was told I could start that day in two hours . As anyone who has been early for an appointment and has to kill time- knows –it can be very expensive. I regretted not joining in, but vowed to take the next available course.

Bi Polar disorder is loosely defined as uncontrolled mood swings, from manic at the ‘top’ of the scale to depression at the bottom. Mood changes are often reflected in behavioural

Changes being High at the top end of the scale (being able to do anything at once); to Depression-thoughts of suicide.


A month later, here I am again at BHT somewhat chastened by my experiences at the Recovery College. It was great!  I can’t go into details because of the confidentiality clause involved. Suffice to say it was a positive and enjoyable experience. Particularly

good were the mixed ages of the group.


The tutorship was thorough. For some of the time we were split into groups of two or three and asked to write about our experiences e.g. what we could do towards helping ourselves out of depression or mania.



The Brunswick Festival


Last year but one, through Business Action on Homelessness programme, I was referred to a BHT’s First Base to help out on a volunteer project creating a small Festival at The Quaker Meeting House in Ship Street called ‘Base Fest’. This was followed by helping with The Brunswick Festival in August and another Base Fest at Christmas.

We are now embarking on the next Brunswick Festival. I have been able to continue this and am happily engaged helping out.

The Festival is taking place on 20-21st August at Brunswick Square and promises to be a fun day. I have been helping create life size  puppets and paint large terracotta plant pots to go towards making Brunswick Festival 35 years old this year a huge success.

Volunteers are needed, so if you would like to take part in this exciting Festival contact me on

Loud Cheers, Gordon













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Brexit out Great Brit-in

Brexit out-Great Brit-in.


Mmm…I was just dreaming of a place where people lived in harmony and the age of Aquarius was dawning. This was maybe to be the United States of Europe.

Funny how the UK media can penetrate the heart of the EU Parliament, yet were unable to give a regular report about its workings in the last 42 years. Not to mention this, but where were the British MEP’s during the Referendum.Not to mention Nigel Farage’s 17 year campaign for us to leave the EU which went completely unnoticed. There was a lack of news coverage or a regular documentary programme about the other nations. It seems like sour grapes from GB all the way through.

Well now we are –so to speak ‘out’ of the EU. But this could still be rectified.

Luckily GB never joined the Euro. In my mind common currency a good idea in theory, but in practice there is no purchase between the currency as there had been when all the different countries of the EU had their own denominations.

So now there is the opportunity for a fresh start. If we can survive the first few months of uncertainty. For example, everyone is downing MP Jeremy Corbyn, but he is there

standing firm when everyone about him is resigning. He was even shouted down by PM David Cameron.

What of all the interconnections in Eurpoe e.g.the Common Market subsidies to British Dairy Farmers. Perhaps they will get a better deal from their own country.

If the changeover is handled with intelligence, and a good deal is struck with the remaining Common Markets and trade is improved with the Commonwealth countries the USA and eg. China.

It may enhance our banking operations and engineering research projects.

If no on seizes power in the form of criminal gangs like Isis then we might just pull through!


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A Brush With Homelessness.


It was a coach trip with parents and sister. The coach parked in Salisbury coach park, and we were to be back by 16.00 hours. We had been to the Cathedral.  It started to rain and I was unprotected, so I broke from the rest of the group and took shelter under an awning, waiting for the other three. After ten minutes they hadn’t shown up, so I went to find my way back to the coach.  It was ten to four. I worked my way round the car park expecting to see the coach.  Panic was setting in.  I began to work out how I would return to Bournemouth, where we were based. My head and shoulders were soaked. In desperation I went to a Jobcentre appreciating the irony. They gesticulated a direction.

I can’t really run anymore because of a previous foot injury, so I walked quickly, soaked with rainwater. Suddenly over a ridge were two Shearings coaches-a driver and my sister. I had been fearing the worst and all sorts of mad ideas had entered my head. My sister said that she would have waited for me to show and take me back by train to the Hotel. The driver had been just about to leave. What would I have done if I had missed the bus? I thought of the homeless here in Brighton and the feeling of futility some must feel.



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The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

From the original story by Rudyard Kipling comes the remake of the Walt Disney classic film. This time it’s in 3D and actuality jungle-look.  It’s certainly colossal; there are stampedes, avalanches, waterfalls vicious annual fights and multiple animations especially of the wolves.

The story is well known: Left in the jungle at birth, Mowglis is adopted by a wolf pack. When he is older he feels the call back to mankind. The movie tells the story of his adventures on the way back to humanity albeit there is no on-screen girl as in the original film in 1967.

But instead, everything that current special effects can achieve is achieved and the 3D effects are sensational-computer generated might mean that Mowgli (Neil Sethi), never actually steps on a branch or hangs fro a clifftop.

There is the Brighton connection… Mr Kipling had a house in Rottingdean, The Grange, now an Art Gallery, Museum and Library.

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Should read: Chris and the Children

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Chris and the Chikdren

Chris is composed after his experiences; a twelve week course teaching eight to eleven year olds about homelessness The series of talks were based on his insight into the time when he was a homeless person. He lived in Hostel accommodation and underwent a recovery programme for alcohol misuse

The after school club Plastic Pigs were host to his talks ..

What kind of question did they ask?

‘The first question shocked me’ he said, it was, ‘Did I enjoy being homeless?’

‘It took me by surprise,  my first reaction was anger and for a moment it communicated, ‘There’s nothing good about being homeless’. I said.

‘Each session with the children lasted about two hours. There was a warm-up game to  get their brains working, then we might go out for a walk .  There was a video project made.

made by The Plastic Pigs Team. It helped raise awareness of the ongoing problem of homelessness.

‘I really didn’t see how the project would work, but the children s work really took me aback really took  me aback.’

On the final day of the project, the children went on a walk from Hove Library to First Base where the Mayor and Chief Executive Brighton Housing Trust Andy Winter met the children and parents and  Chris for a celebration party.


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Affinity Sutton meets BHT

Affinity Sutton to Brighton Housing Trust


A change of scene for residents. Over 100 flats which had been administered by Affinity Sutton (the business with a social purpose) were acquired back by Brighton Housing Trust. They had been with Affinity Sutton for ten years having originally been with BHT and now they are back!

A welcome party was held at BHT and drew some of the residents to the London Road Offices to celebrate

The lavish spread of de-luxe sandwiches and wraps were demolished by the guests. A multi layered sponge cake topped with Royal Icing stole the show.

Andy Winter Chief Executive Officer BHT gave a short welcoming speech to the gathering.



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