could this be the light at the end of the tunnel

could this be the light at the end of the tunnel

the Government it seems is not to pleased by the performance of ATOS. So much so that they are asking for other company’s to tender bids in this lucrative field.

It seems that ATOS has made far to many bad decisions, wrongly sending people back into the job market, when they are clearly either not ready or not able.

This has led to people taking their own lives out of a sense of desperation, and more embarrassing for the Government, claims for compensation.

It also seems that the Universal Credit launch is running into more and more problems. No great surprise there for any one with half a brain.

So no great surprise that the powers that be are confused at this state of affairs.

Does this mean that it is finally dawning on those in power that they may conceivable have got things a little bit on the muddled side.

Could this perhaps lead the Government to a re-think on the way they treat those of us who claim benefits for one reason or another.

Or could it be that the penny has dropped, the Conservatives stand very little chance of getting into power again. And with the prospect of many of them loosing their jobs they want to make signing on as easy as possible in the future.


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we are two people living in Brighton who have both been through the 'hostel' system. I (Chris) have been street homeless, I am currently a recovering alcoholic living in a privately rented flat. I (Gordon) have a degree of media studies from University of Westminster. I've had many psychological problems, but am now nearly recovered. I live on my own in a privately rented flat. Disclaimer Any information including photography given in PRS Blog is the responsibility of Chris and Gordon's blog and may not be published elsewhere except with their permission and they will try and use names and pictures of people only with their permission. Contentious statements will be kept to a minimum and hope that libellous statements aren't made. The blog is published with good intent and it is hoped to publish material which will be constructive and of benefit to others who may use the service.
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