What’s wrong with this picture apart from the very obvious? as far as I’m concerned it’s the general reaction from most of the people who have commented on the web and in the press.

Most of the comments I have read on the web, or heard on the radio or seen on the television have been along the lines of “How dare they put these things here to stop people sleeping comfortably on the streets”.

Not one comment as far as I’m aware has been along the lines of “have things got so bad that
there are so many people sleeping wherever they can.” Or even “When did it become acceptable that we should think nothing of people sleeping on the streets in one of the richest country’s in the world, and try to move them on.”

Apparently London has seen a 75% rise in homelessness in recent months, and as far as I can see the only response is some people doing this to discourage ‘those people’ from sleeping in their doorways.

What ever happened to ‘care in our community’s’ or even the much vaunted ‘big society’, is this all we can expect in the future. An underclass demonised even more, forced further underground.

I can understand how it must look, to walk out of your front door and be confronted by the uncomfortable; it must be disquieting to find out first thing in the morning while you still have the taste of toothpaste in your mouth that there is a major problem right here, right now, right on your doorstep.

This is happening in a city where the mayor once promised that no homeless person would spend a second night on the streets. Just looking at this picture it is obvious that he is keeping his promise. Though not in the way I expected; it cost money to have this obscenity installed, it will cost money to debate whether to have them removed, and if they are removed that will cost even more money.

Take these things away, take a good long look at the problem, and stop trying to push it away, as these things are so obviously designed to do. Put more money into housing, so that there are affordable places for people to live. Put the money back into the NHS so that there are places and people to treat those displaced human beings with mental and physical problems.

Admit to the failings in the reforms to the benefit system that are forcing more and more people onto the streets. Instead of allowing things like this to happen, and if the people who did this are allowed to leave them there, the far worse to come. Admit that unless there is a concerted effort from all political party’s this problem will only get worse.


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we are two people living in Brighton who have both been through the 'hostel' system. I (Chris) have been street homeless, I am currently a recovering alcoholic living in a privately rented flat. I (Gordon) have a degree of media studies from University of Westminster. I've had many psychological problems, but am now nearly recovered. I live on my own in a privately rented flat. Disclaimer Any information including photography given in PRS Blog is the responsibility of Chris and Gordon's blog and may not be published elsewhere except with their permission and they will try and use names and pictures of people only with their permission. Contentious statements will be kept to a minimum and hope that libellous statements aren't made. The blog is published with good intent and it is hoped to publish material which will be constructive and of benefit to others who may use the service.
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  1. A very poignant and well considered post. Absolutely disgusted at this shameful decision to place these studs.

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