Bridge Workshops

Based in Moulscombe is ‘the bridge’ community education centre. A few minutes from the 49 bus stop, by the new football stadium  the bright and modern study centre is quite inviting. The bridge offers a variety of courses including an in depth back to work programme.

There are also art courses e.g. Pottery and Sculpture; Mosaics and Art for All.

Then if you like music the music courses notably Piano Lessons; Guitar Tuition could be for you. and an  Introduction to Creative Writing take care of writers anguish!  There is even a Flamenco  dance class and Yoga for all too.

A small course fee covers expenses and all age groups are welcome.



About chris and gordon's private rented sector blog

we are two people living in Brighton who have both been through the 'hostel' system. I (Chris) have been street homeless, I am currently a recovering alcoholic living in a privately rented flat. I (Gordon) have a degree of media studies from University of Westminster. I've had many psychological problems, but am now nearly recovered. I live on my own in a privately rented flat. Disclaimer Any information including photography given in PRS Blog is the responsibility of Chris and Gordon's blog and may not be published elsewhere except with their permission and they will try and use names and pictures of people only with their permission. Contentious statements will be kept to a minimum and hope that libellous statements aren't made. The blog is published with good intent and it is hoped to publish material which will be constructive and of benefit to others who may use the service.
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