An estimated 50 billion Santas can’t be wrong.  As they simultaneously descend the chimneys of the World as if one, and briefly appear at the end of every child’s bed; one wonders, in fact, is convinced, of the reality of the man in the red, white costume with a black belt and matching bonnet.

Children, not completely convinced of Santa’s existence, go along with what their parents imagine for them, half believing so that this way they won’t miss out on gifts. I remember wanting a spaceship for Christmas in my stocking but a doll was delivered to my sisters’ instead. I really thought that Santa would deliver the rocket to me. Understanding though that parents couldn’t afford both.

But Santa and sleigh complete with reindeer and jingle bells still  speed by, ready for the present drop. Churches try and get presents to everyone via Santa of course.

Not only this, in legend, but Santas en-masse, are also spotted hanging-out at Shopping Malls and department stores everywhere complete with sacks of presents. The stand-in Santas can collect a few pounds to spend on their own children by masquerading as the intrepid Claus figure. It’s the real thing.

And the fairies, what of them? They spend untold hours getting the goodies made and ready.  We need do nothing.  By magic they will appear. If you don’t believe in fairies and are lucky enough to have a credit card then enough said. At all levels of society we can but feast on the advertisers Christmas Dream for us as platefuls of food and goodies parade across our TV screens backed by personalities and newspaper articles about the ‘perfect Christmas’.

No work for Santas’ here.  They can put their feet up and join the rest of the viewing public on Christmas Day after of they’ve been to Church and revelled in the Nativity


Bethlehem scene, there the gifts to be opened and children dressed in Santa outfits sit around..

Heigh Ho Christmas:- Santa, always touched  by your presents dear..

The true story of St Nicholas is worth looking up on  the Internet. He was so loved that during the religious persecution in 16th Century people placed gifts of fruit and nuts for him on doorsteps windowsills and hearths. It is a fascinating story. Now read on…

By John G. Scott


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we are two people living in Brighton who have both been through the 'hostel' system. I (Chris) have been street homeless, I am currently a recovering alcoholic living in a privately rented flat. I (Gordon) have a degree of media studies from University of Westminster. I've had many psychological problems, but am now nearly recovered. I live on my own in a privately rented flat. Disclaimer Any information including photography given in PRS Blog is the responsibility of Chris and Gordon's blog and may not be published elsewhere except with their permission and they will try and use names and pictures of people only with their permission. Contentious statements will be kept to a minimum and hope that libellous statements aren't made. The blog is published with good intent and it is hoped to publish material which will be constructive and of benefit to others who may use the service.
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