The Brunswick Festival

Two things to report.

The first is to recommend the classes at The Whiteway Centre in Rottingdean (West of Brighton on 12 and 27 Bus route.)
There are a wide range of short courses ranging from Shakespeare classes and Patchwork to Bridge and Life Drawing.
I took a ten week course in Life Drawing and Fine Art, dipping between the two.
I first was introduced at the Base Fest organised through First Base BHT’s Rough Sleeper drop-in.
The artist is a very gifted teacher, She is able to instruct and get the best out of people, giving advice, to amateur and professionals too Amanda Davidson’s own work is enchanting. She designed the posters for Base Fest and Latterly the Kipling Exhibition at The Grange Library and Museum next door to Whiteway Centre.
Although the courses are fairly expensive one is able to pay weekly, £75 for ten weeks.
Rottingdean Whiteway Centre, Whiteway Lane, Rottingdean BN2 7HB


The Brunswick Festival Brighton

. This popular and annual event takes place in Brunswick Square, off Western Road just between Brighton and Hove. This year it is over the weekend of 15th 16th August. There will be music, a beer tent, a variety of stalls and even a hog tournedos. This is the 35 year of the Festival, A marquee will be open where people can gives their own memories of the Fete past and present.
The events start in the morning .It promises to be much fun for all the family.


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