Star Wars

This must be the most highly publicised film ever.  Even batteries are being sold to empower the light sabres- as advertised on TV.

Remembering the impact of the original three films and their construction I recall that the robot Artoo De 2 was modelled after the Dalek in BBCTv’s Dr Who.

The original concept was possibly for a film to echo the achievement of the USA in their military capacity in space. It was certainly a success. Although 3D was around in 1977 it has taken all this time almost 40 years, to be applied to the Star Wars movie. The landscape is moving as if in a theatre, without so many images ‘poking out’ of the screen.

The film is quite powerful in  its presentation of the storyline.  A lone Jedi is searched by the Dark Side.  It takes almost two hours to find him and a blast of successful imagery fills the screen as one after another attacks in the search are made.

Some of the original cast take part and I liked the line up at the end.  With an appearance with Carrie Fisher the original Princes Leah and Harrison Ford one of the most successful screen actors of all time.  The Force Awakens, but will it go back in hibernation, as it befits a sequel? jgs


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