Hove Library Closure

It’s been on the cards for sometime, but it seems to be final, Hove Library will close

and be moved to what is now the Hove Museum.  It is hoped to make the present

museum into a library and community centre.

It is stated that the present building will sell for £1m, a drop in the ocean compared

with house prices in the city.

Claims are, that the present library costs half a million pounds per annum, to run.

and that ‘IT’ is difficult to install.  (The Museum building is almost as old as the Library. )

However, plans for an extension to the Museum site may encompass this.

There are figures showing the footfall to the Library is low.

It is also true that a Library storing rare books opposite the Corn Exchange was shut

without a murmur.

It is sad that the 1871 purpose built building may  be sold on, thereby depriving the

thousands  of students who come to study, an authentic place, they can study in and

experience the surroundings and ambience of this gem.

I hope that the cost of developing the museum will bring in returns over and above the

cost of running the old Library site, but that the kudos some publicity would bring to

it, to help in its upkeep.

I was the School Librarian and my Father designed quality photo-typesetting

equipment for the printing industry.




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