The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

From the original story by Rudyard Kipling comes the remake of the Walt Disney classic film. This time it’s in 3D and actuality jungle-look.  It’s certainly colossal; there are stampedes, avalanches, waterfalls vicious annual fights and multiple animations especially of the wolves.

The story is well known: Left in the jungle at birth, Mowglis is adopted by a wolf pack. When he is older he feels the call back to mankind. The movie tells the story of his adventures on the way back to humanity albeit there is no on-screen girl as in the original film in 1967.

But instead, everything that current special effects can achieve is achieved and the 3D effects are sensational-computer generated might mean that Mowgli (Neil Sethi), never actually steps on a branch or hangs fro a clifftop.

There is the Brighton connection… Mr Kipling had a house in Rottingdean, The Grange, now an Art Gallery, Museum and Library.


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