Brexit out Great Brit-in

Brexit out-Great Brit-in.


Mmm…I was just dreaming of a place where people lived in harmony and the age of Aquarius was dawning. This was maybe to be the United States of Europe.

Funny how the UK media can penetrate the heart of the EU Parliament, yet were unable to give a regular report about its workings in the last 42 years. Not to mention this, but where were the British MEP’s during the Referendum.Not to mention Nigel Farage’s 17 year campaign for us to leave the EU which went completely unnoticed. There was a lack of news coverage or a regular documentary programme about the other nations. It seems like sour grapes from GB all the way through.

Well now we are –so to speak ‘out’ of the EU. But this could still be rectified.

Luckily GB never joined the Euro. In my mind common currency a good idea in theory, but in practice there is no purchase between the currency as there had been when all the different countries of the EU had their own denominations.

So now there is the opportunity for a fresh start. If we can survive the first few months of uncertainty. For example, everyone is downing MP Jeremy Corbyn, but he is there

standing firm when everyone about him is resigning. He was even shouted down by PM David Cameron.

What of all the interconnections in Eurpoe e.g.the Common Market subsidies to British Dairy Farmers. Perhaps they will get a better deal from their own country.

If the changeover is handled with intelligence, and a good deal is struck with the remaining Common Markets and trade is improved with the Commonwealth countries the USA and eg. China.

It may enhance our banking operations and engineering research projects.

If no on seizes power in the form of criminal gangs like Isis then we might just pull through!



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